Quality Assurance Plans


Quality cannot be left to chance. It is vital to manufacture products which exceed stringent quality standards. At Accolade, we believe this is the only way to meet growing customer expectations. To ensure the manufactured products meet quality norms & client’s expectations, documented quality assurance plans (QAP’s) are prepared.

Clients spell out their own minimum & special requirements & sometimes furnish QAP’s. These requirements are scrutinized & strictly followed from first stage (i.e. design & drawings) till final stage (dispatch, erection & commissioning). Even if a QAP is not issued by client, a system of QA is adopted based on our experience & captured in documented procedures to achieve functional excellence.

The requirement of QAP’s includes design & material specifications, heat treatment, NDT tests (such as UT, MPT, DPT, radiography, etc.), visual & dimensional test, functional tests, etc.

The results obtained from various tests & checks are documented. Special tests are carried out only by approved laboratories. The results of these tests / checks / special tests are intimated to QC/QA & approval is obtained before proceeding.

Over a period of time, clients have reposed their complete faith in our QA/QC process. They review our internal documents & grant approval, very often without physical inspection! We assure you that we will continue to strive harder to maintain the trust you have reposed in us.